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Meeting Server

New technologies have made it possible for enterprise collaboration solutions to work seamlessly together. Today Skype users and Video Conferencing users participate in joint meetings as standard, with high-quality video, audio and content sharing. There are still some challenges, however, when it comes to the user experience.

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Joining a meeting using Skype is easy, but the Video Conference user has to dial the meeting address from a video touch pad or a remote control. It may not even be possible to dial the address from an endpoint if the meeting is hosted in Office365 (Skype Online). Automating the connection process is therefore of great value to organizations.

One button to push

  • Benefits
  • One button to push for Cisco endpoints
  • Click-To-Join for Polycom endpoints
  • Supports Pexip, Cisco CMS and StarLeaf cloud
  • Auto Dial Out to other endpoints
  • Creates One-time VMR meetings when greater privacy is needed
  • Enable One-Click-to-Join from video endpoints in Skype4B, WebEx, Spark, and VMR meetings
  • Forward external Skype4B invitations to video systems

Synergy SKY Meeting Server solves this by automatically connecting Video Conferencing systems to Skype meetings using Cisco One Button To Push (OBTP). The end-user simply schedules a New Skype Meeting in Outlook and adds the required Video Conferencing systems. Synergy SKY Meeting Server manages the connection and brings the OBTP information to the video endpoint. This removes the risk of typing errors, and ensures that all meetings start on time.

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Synergy SKY Meeting Server is available as a Windows installer with a simple wizard that enables quick deplyment. The solution supports on-premises installations of Skype and Microsoft Exchange as well as Office 365.

Free Synergy SKY Meeting Server

Instead of manually connecting video conference systems to Skype for Business meetings ...

Let Synergy SKY Meeting Server do the job!

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Free Meeting Server E-book

  • Learn how you can enable One-Click Skype4B video meetings from Cisco and Polycom video conferencing endpoints
  • Guide to four brilliant use cases that will drive usage
  • It has never been easier to schedule and join a video / Skype4B meeting, ever!
Free Meeting Server e-book
"We got Synergy SKY Meeting Server up and running in 5 minutes and it works GREAT. We are stoked"
Justin Haga
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Synergy SKY

Analytics Server

Synergy SKY Analytics Server (SAS) helps organizations understand collaboration trends and patterns, and provides the analysis needed to make fact-based decisions on collaboration investments, divestments, training, and service changes. Analytics data contributes to an increased ROI for collaboration, and in addition provides clear evidence of this to stakeholders.

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Manufacturers of collaboration hardware and software often provide some basic statistics tools, but they are seldom sufficient: while they allow some extraction of raw data from the systems, if you want to compare user groups or see trends and patterns over time, for example, you are required to consolidate a large amount of data, and manually build your own reports. This process has to be repeated over and over if you want to regularly analyze these reports.

Unique Features

With Synergy SKY Analytics, organizations can now automatically collect and analyze usage data from infrastructure components from a range of vendors, including:

  • Cisco VCS
  • Cisco CMS/Acano
  • Pexip
  • Skype for Business Server
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Synergy SKY Analytics contains a number of standard reports that can be personalized and tailored to your specific requirements. Some examples of what you can report on out-of-the-box include:

  • Video and audio calls/minutes per location
  • Calls per endpoint type
  • Call distribution over time
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The built-in tagging system enables the customer to tag users and endpoints by department, geographic location and more, which enables filtering and sorting of reports in a flexible way.

The Synergy SKY Analytics Server (SAS) appliance is connected to the customer's video-conferencing infrastructure and to the Synergy SKY Public Cloud. All call data is harvested, stored, and processed locally on the server, which means all data stays on customer premises, for privacy reasons, while the public cloud delivers regular updates, easier support and easier access to your data.

Synergy SKY

Service Provider Edition

A comprehensive, multi-vendor, multi-tenant toolkit for providers of Video Conferencing Services. Ideal for Service Providers who use infrastructure from one or more vendors to setup and manage a Unified Communications / Video as a Service offering.

Service Provider Edition Model
  • Provisioning / User and Service Administration
  • Monitoring / User and Service Administration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Billing and Interdepartmental Cost Control
  • Scheduling of Virtual and Physical rooms
  • Conference Control
Service Provider Edition Model

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Our success is depending on partners success. For this we offer our partners attractive margins, global coverage and support.

  • Increase profits from new Synergy SKY business
  • Increase relationships with customers hosting their own infrastructure
  • Increase insight into customer usage and trends
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Please log in to our support portal to file a ticket with Synergy SKY. Critical issues can be escalated via our support hotline which is manned business days between 8:00 AM CET and 6:00 PM EST. Synergy SKY Hotline: +47 902 44 139

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About us

Synergy SKY AS develops and markets software platforms that enable provisioning of high-quality integrated video communication and unified collaboration services. Synergy SKY AS is a team of experienced consultants within the video conferencing industry with many years of working for some of the leading brands in the market, such as Tandberg, Cisco and Visual Conference Group.

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